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To understand more about Aging-in-Place Inspections, please read the article Aging in Place by Nick Gromicko and Kate Tarasenko.


A comprehensive inspection designed to address the safety, security, mobility & quality of life matters that are unique to Seniors.

​​  Age has it's benefits. From a discounted cup of coffee at the local fast food restaurant to the joys of watching grandchildren grow up, we earn a wealth of benefits as we age. Yet, the reality is that we also experience limitations.  With increased age often

comes decreased mobility and health.  Your family and loved-ones may become increasingly concerned about your safety and welfare.  This situation may create feelings

of frustration and anxiety because, as a senior citizen, you no doubt prefer to age

gracefully and maintain your independence by living in your own home for as long as possible.  Likely, you have lived in your home for many years and you are comfortable

in your familiar surroundings.  Your goal is to Age-in-Place​.

As an InterNACHI certified 'Aging in Place' Professional Home Inspector, I can assist you to make this goal a reality.  An inspection of your (or your parents) home can help identify potential safety hazards and can reveal many interior and exterior alterations

and adaptations that can be made to a home to allow you to go about

your life with increased safety, security and maneuverability. 

More than just a safety check, a comprehensive Aging-in-Place inspection begins with a consultation with you and your family to get an understanding of your unique needs and wishes.  From there, the inspection is tailored to include things that are important and relevant to you.  The inspection concludes with a discussion of the findings and any issues that may have been revealed as well as options for addressing the issues.  The final report may be delivered as a PDF document, a printed copy, or both.  Prices for Aging-in-Place inspections are based on the size of the property and other factors and include the interior, the exterior, and any accessory structures on the property. 

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